Storm Drain Stenciling

When it Rains, It Drains

Storm water runoff is a leading contributor to water pollution. Storm water runoff is precipitation from rain or snowmelt that flows over the ground and into the closest storm drain.

Go ahead, look along the curb and find a storm’s a direct connection to the bay.

Storm drains are designed to prevent flooding. Large amounts of water from heavy rain and snowmelt wash over streets and into the drains. Pipes underground transport the water rapidly into the river and bay. The downside is that when water washes into the drain, pollutants are carried along for the ride.

Some examples of pollutants that enter our water way through storm drains are:

Motor oil * Antifreeze/ transmission fluid *

Paint * Solvent/degreaser * Cooking grease *

Detergent * Home improvement waste * Pet waste * Yard waste (leaves, grass, mulch)

Excessive dirt * gravel * Trash * Construction debris * Pesticides * Fertilizers


Only Rain Down the Drain

WHAT ARE WE DOING? We are recruiting volunteers to stencil storm drains and distribute door hangers. Groups such as girl/boy scouts, school groups, church groups, homeowners associations, etc. are encouraged to get involved in protecting our drinking water.



HOW CAN YOU HELP? For more information on volunteering for the program or how you can prevent non-point source pollution, contact our office at (989) 895-4290.