What is an Illicit Discharge?


An illicit discharge is an illegal connection or tie-in to a storm sewer. Municipal storm sewers are designed to convey storm water runoff to nearby lakes and streams to prevent flooding, but they are not designed to handle flow from sources such as gutter downspouts. Generally, there is no treatment to the runoff before it empties into a receiving stream. Dumping anything other than storm water into a storm drain is illegal and considered an illicit discharge.



      Examples of Illicit Discharges


    Why is an illicit discharge a problem?                          

     Illicit discharges allow pollutants to enter lakes and streams

     causing public health concerns, unpleasant odors/color, and

     harming aquatic and animal life. Pollution can also lead to

     exces growth of vegetation.          



How do I spot an illicit discharge?                                      


Look for makeshift pipes or hoses that lead to a       

 storm drain or body of water. Watch for stains, unusual

odors,structural damage to streets or gutters and   

abnormal vegetative growth in nearby lakes and streams.



     How can I help reduce polluted storm water runoff?