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Bay County Mosquito Control Begins Phased Turnover of Aging Fleet

Press Release - For Immediate Release
Contact: Bay County Mosquito Control, Rebecca J. Brandt or Mary J. McCarry, (989) 894-4555

BAY CITY, Mich., February 21, 2017 - Scheduled improvements to deteriorating equipment will be a top priority this season at Bay County Mosquito Control. After being plagued by an aging fleet for a number of years, Mosquito Control is in the process of purchasing seven new trucks to be used during both daytime and nighttime operations. Mosquito Control has a fleet of 32 vehicles; almost half of them are 20-30 years old. With nearly 40%of vehicles having over 150,000 miles, a certified mechanic maintains the trucks to keep them running, however, frequent breakdowns lead to lower productivity. Twenty-one of the vehicles are currently rated as fair, poor, or very poor, and 40% of the vehicles are not equipped with airbags, a definite safety concern. Mosquito Control intends to rotate a few new trucks into the program each year over a 5-year period while looking to avoid the 30-yearvehicle turnover that currently exists. As new vehicles are rotated into the program, older vehicles will be placed in the Bay County auction.

Bay County Mosquito Control will also be purchasing two new electric, truck-mounted foggers. Fourteen of the 17 current spray units are 20-40 years old with replacement parts becoming obsolete. The advantages of electric machines compared to gas-powered machines currently used, include the little-to-no-maintenance, reduced noise level, and lighter weight. The battery-powered machine is also touted as eco-friendly as it eliminates the emissions released by gas-powered machines. Mosquito Control currently has two electric units already in its rotation.

As mosquito control districts look for ways to minimize environmental impact, Bay County will also be expanding the use of innovative "green" larvicides in catch basins that provides season-long control in those habitats.

Additional program enhancements for 2017will include an increase in spring aerial treatments in Northern Bay County,with total treated acres increasing from 48,000 to 50,000, hiring 2 additional field technicians, performing additional disease surveillance efforts, and funding the state-mandated increase in minimum wage.

Bay County Mosquito Control, a division of the Bay County Environmental Affairs & Community Development department, operates as a community-wide public health program to reduce disease vectors and nuisance mosquitoes throughout Bay County. Rebecca Brandt is the Manager of Bay County Mosquito Control and can be reached at(989) 894-4555 for more information.